Friday, February 15, 2013


That's a rubbish title to be honest. I should probably have a better intro to my new blog, but hey, what can ya do? 

I suppose I'll introduce myself first, my name is Kyra (kuh-eye-ruh). I'm a 20-year-old journalism student with a love for all things beauty, fashion, music and travel. I tend to be quite awful at about me type things, so forgive me. There is plenty of time and many blog posts ahead for you all to learn more about me though. 

I read some fashion and beauty blogs and watch beauty gurus on YouTube. I'm also an avid reader of Nylon. And one day I started toying with the idea of making a blog or videos on YouTube. I obviously am going with the blog. I mean, I've written bloggy things before (I use made up words sometimes, you'll get used to it), mostly just about my summer in Italy, but still. So instead of using my day off to file my taxes, I decided to start this. I'll be doing reviews and such, along with a few random things here and there that pertain to my other interests. What fun, right?

Here's hoping it lasts! 

x Kyra

PS here's what I look like if you're super curious

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