Monday, March 11, 2013

February Favorites!

There aren't many favorites this month, and I'm blaming the number of days in February.

First we have MAC lipsticks, a definite favorite of mine. I'll probably always mention one or two. My February shades are Shy Girl and Party Parrot. I mentioned them in my MAC Haul post. Because it feels like spring here, I thought it was time to brighten up my makeup looks.

Party Parrot (Matte)- Bright pinky coral

Shy Girl (Cremesheen)- Peachy nude
Party Parrot really makes my eyes stand out for some reason, which I love. I almost always try to make my eyes the focus. I was a bit scared to fully rock the bright lips, but I got over it. I'm a big fan of matte lipsticks, I just hate glossy lips for some reason. Probably because lipgloss reminds me of my middle school days when I constantly applied sticky gloss to my lips. Even though they tasted great, I can't bring myself to use gloss often. The MAC Cremesheen lipsticks are a happy medium. You get a glossy finish, but it's not sticky and I feel more grown up than when I wear gloss.

I had a bit of a splurge at Sephora before my strict budget was a thing. I immediately headed to where the Bobbi Brown color corrector was. I knew I needed that, I have awful under eye circles even though I get almost 10 hours of sleep a night (when homework isn't calling my name). Drinking water is the other part of the equation, which I should have more of, but until I get into that habit, the color corrector does wonders for me.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque
My other Sephora purchase was the Go Tropi-coral box from Benefit. I really wanted to get High Beam and the Coralista blush. The box includes those products along with a Coralista gloss and Cha-Cha Tint. As stated above, I'm not a big gloss person, so that doesn't get a lot of use. However, High Beam adds a wonderful highlight and Coralista is great for a peachy glow. Cha-Cha Tint can be used for lips and cheeks, but I only use it on my lips. If you use it on your cheeks and are pale like me, use sparingly. I made the mistake of putting a bit too much on the first time and looked a bit like a clown. Not the best look.

One problem I had with this box is it doesn't fit in my makeup bag, which makes bringing it on trips a bit more difficult. I still brought it with me to California, but it is too bulky for my taste. I'll definitely be purchasing the regular Coralista blush which I will hopefully have a bit of an easier time with.

My final face favorite of February (say that five times fast) was the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It's oil free, which is fantastic for my oily t-zone and really does leave your skin feeling so soft and looking radiant. Plus it smells pretty good.

You can pick this up at Ulta, Target and various other stores.

My final favorite is the Kiko Milano nail polish in a sea foam green.

It's an absolutely gorgeous color and it lasts for ages. I picked this up while I was in Italy last summer along with some other colors and I'm in love. The makeup at Kiko is super affordable. There is a downside though, one that makes me want to cry a little. They don't ship to the US as far as I know. You're in luck if you live in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal or the UK though! I'm extremely jealous of you if you have access to Kiko products.

Is it worth a trip back to Italy for this nail polish? Probably not. Is it still a great product that I'll get when I have the chance? Definitely!

So those are my February Faves, sorry it's mid-March when you're reading this. I have lots of exciting posts in the works right now though, so stay tuned!

x Kyra

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