Sunday, September 15, 2013

Change for Autumn Tag

When I lived in Michigan I always looked forward to autumn. The leaves would change colors, my sweater collection took over my closet, and pumpkin spice lattes were back. But now that I live in Phoenix, autumn is just a slightly less hot version of summer. My sweaters will probably stay in boxes until December sadly enough.

Even though I'll have to keep wearing shorts for the next few months, it doesn't mean my makeup can't be changed up for autumn.

The "Change for Autumn" tag was created by Anna (The Anna Diaries), so go check out her post!

1. Foundation

Estée Lauder Double Wear in Cool Bone

This foundation lasts so long and I love it. Because it's so hot in Phoenix (and Atlanta) I need something that will last all day and into the night.

2. Eyeshadow

MAC Cranberry
While most of my looks in autumn use minimal eye makeup, I had to pick MAC Cranberry. It's perfect for a smokey eye, especially with a black base. It's a great color for people with blue or green eyes, but it also works well for brown eyes. Basically, it's perfect.

3. Lipstick

MAC Rebel
I was really torn with this one. Bold, vampy lips are my thing. I love the NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil in Cruella and the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine (#18) lipstick has been good to me thus far. However, Rebel has been there for me and has never let me down. Rebel will always be my go-to lipstick.

4. Nail Polish

Chanel Black Satin
Photo courtesy of Chanel

I'm a sucker for black nail polish, I blame my brief skater phase in middle school (which can also be blamed on my brother). I don't think I've completely grown out of that phase to be honest. I don't own this nail polish, but I think it's time.

5. Mystery Product

Secret Wonderland lotion

Bath & Body Works is one of those stores that I love, but hate. The only reason I hate it is because I can't go there without buying loads of stuff. Secret Wonderland was a scent I didn't initially want. I was looking for my favorite lotion that I took with me to London. It was a limited edition scent, so I settled with this one. I'm so happy I did though, it's such a nice autumn/winter scent.

I tag all of you to do this! If a full post isn't your style, let me know your picks in the comments.

x Kyra


  1. Absolutely LOVE this!! I've heard so much about Cranberry and Rebel and on the verge of buying them. I also really want to try the Nars pencils! Ooo you've excited me for new products! Haha
    So wish we had a bath and body works in London x x

  2. They are seriously AMAZING. I'm obsessed. The Nars pencils are really nice too. It'd be so hard for me to live without Bath and Body Works. I'd constantly be asking my mom to send me stuff haha.