Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween How-To | Deadly Intentions

I have a tendency to do Halloween makeup throughout the year. Sometimes for fun and sometimes for shoots, but it almost always shocks whomever I happen to be living with at the time.

My parents eventually got used to me walking upstairs looking like a zombie or alien. Now it's my roommate who has to deal with it. She got a bit of a surprise this morning when she walked in to see me looking dead— oops.

It's the first of many looks for my Halloween How-To series. So keep reading if you'd like to find out how I created the look above and stay tuned for more Halloween makeup looks!

Step 1: Apply foundation that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone— I added white Halloween makeup to mine to get an extra ghostly look. Be sure to blend down your neck if it'll be showing. If you're so inclined to fill in your eyebrows, do it messily.

Step 2: Use a combination of purple and black eyeshadows to make your eyes look sunken in and accentuate those dark circles. If you're like me you could just not sleep the night before and get the same look. Don't worry about making it neat— same with the foundation, you're supposed to look dead after all. But do blend the edges a bit.

Pictured: MAC Fig 1
MAC Blackberry
ELF 100 color palette 
I used the shades above to create my look, but any purple and black shadows will do.

Step 3: Use the same eyeshadows to heavily contour your face. Make those cheekbones super hollowed out. I also took the shadows under my jawline and up to my temples, as well as contouring my nose. I started with the purples and then added a tiny bit of black and blended the edges.

Pictured: MAC Honey Love

Step 4: Use a nude matte lipstick or concealer to cover up the natural color of your lips. Remember, the goal is to look washed out. If you don't think you look washed out enough, add white eyeshadow or powder to your lips.

Step 5: Take the same shadows you used everywhere else and put them on your lips. Just on the inside though, let's not get too carried away. I added black to the edges to extend the natural lines of my lips a tad.

Step 6: Creep out all of your friends and family.

This look is great if you have chapped lips. I think it just adds to it. It's partially why I chose to do this look today. Okay, it's pretty much the only reason I chose to do this look today. My lips are super chapped right now.

Send me photos on instagram and twitter if you decide to try this out for yourself!

Until next time,
x Kyra


  1. Oh my goodness that makeup job is amazing! And its the one time my chapped lips actually work!!!


    1. Thank you! If you decide to try it out, tag me on instagram or twitter! (@begoniaskybeauty is instagram and @begoniasky is my twitter).

  2. This is sooooo good! Looks amazing! The best dead girl make-up I've seen!

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic