Monday, November 11, 2013

Begonia Sky Presents: A Day in the Life with The Vanity

I met Ayat through Lucky Contributors and I'm so glad she responded to my Guest Blogger post! She has such a wonderful sense of style and I was so happy to feature someone from Egypt on my blog (how cool is that?!). The fact that the blogging community has allowed me to meet someone—even if it is virtually— from a country so far away is so incredible. Anyway, Ayat's blog, The Vanity, is lovely and I encourage you all to check it out! 

How did you get started with blogging? 
I have an unhealthy appetite for beauty and fashion, and a huge addiction to shopping (don't we all?). So I decided to write my thoughts about fashion, and the beauty tips I used to share with my friends and family. I wanted to share with everyone else who is interested. The Vanity is my way to vent my boundless enthusiasm for beauty and fashion.

What are your goals for The Vanity in the next year or so? 
The Vanity is my baby, day by day it's growing. All I need is to nourish it and take care of it. I want the whole world to know about my blog, The Vanity. So, I will make sure I always stay on track, up to date, and give it a decent polish every now and then.

What is the fashion scene like in Egypt? 
Egyptian Women, since the 1920's , and even before that ever since the Pharonic age, take care of their beauty and stay updated with fashion. Back in the old days— probably the 1920s— fashion trends used to start from Egypt & France aligned together. So, I believe we are pretty well still on that track. 

How would you describe your style? 
Since I am veiled, being simple won't make a proper image of style. So I believe my style varies from one occasion to another but mainly I love chic, elegant and sophisticated styles.

What are your must-have products? 
Everything. A girl can never look stylish from just one item. Trend comes from head to toe. However, I can never ever leave my house without my perfume.

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x Kyra

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  1. This was so fun! I love the map of your day! And its great to see how other blogger's use their time because I know I'm wasting a lot of mine!