Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Weekender: Thankful

With Thanksgiving coming up, my Facebook newsfeed is littered with posts about what people are thankful for. It's something I've come to expect during the month of November— but not during the other 11 months.

I complain a lot, like all of the other 20-somethings out there (although generally not on Facebook), but I have a lot to be thankful for.

1. My roommate and one of my best friends who feeds me and doesn't judge me.
2. Bellatrix, aka the cutest cat in the world.
3. My incredible best friend who is just as weird as me, but way smarter.
4. My little sister who had to live with my weird antics.
5. My stepdad who took me (and still does) to the grocery store.
6. My big brother who has always been there for me (except when he tormented me as a kid).
7. One of my best friends who I saw for the first time in three years last year.
8. My big sister who picks moose noses with me.
9. My mom and grandma. My mom has always put up with my weirdness and let me steal her shoes and clothes. My grandma was always there to offer advice that I would probably not take.

I'm thankful that I was able to wake up to this view each day for three months.

I'm thankful for my best friends and how close we are even though
we live halfway across the world from each other.

I'm thankful that I've been able to travel and see places I dreamed about visiting for so long.
I have a pretty cool family, I guess, and some incredible friends. I've been fortunate enough to experience so many things and I know it's just the beginning. I'm also very thankful for the success I've had with my blog thus far and for all of you who read it!

What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments!
x Kyra


  1. I always wondered what it'd be like to have a lot of siblings! (3 is a lot to me, I only have one! lol) :) That view is gorgeous btw! Where is it??

    Mo |

    1. Three can be a lot! I get along with all of them (now that we're all getting old) thankfully. The view was in a town called Chieti in Italy :)

  2. I'm thankful for being one of your best friends! <3 Although, we "the Plastics" ;) are all far away from each other, we are always close in heart. Even if I haven't seen you for years now, I know it's going to be just like it was when Bianca and I lived in Michigan, the next time we see each other (I hope it's very soon!!) That's the cool thing with best friends!! It's never gets weird. Except that one time when we bought condoms for Bianca... awkward and weird... ;)

    Miss you!!


    1. Elin I'm going to cry omg. I miss you so much!! We'll be reunited soon and the Plastics' shenanigans will resume! We're all awkward and weird in the best way :)

      Love you and miss you!!

  3. such a sweet post, have a good thanksgiving!