Thursday, November 14, 2013

Winter Wish List: The White Pepper Edition

I was perusing the interwebs one day, as I generally tend to do when avoiding homework, and stumbled upon The White Pepper. And holy moly was I glad I did. 

The White Pepper is based in East London (which was one of my favorite areas I went to when I was last there). Every item on their site is designed in their East London studio. 

I fell in love instantly with the collection, Les Parisiennes. Go on, click the link, I'm sure you'll fall in love too. 

I put together a little wish list, like my summer wish list. For some reason I love creating these, maybe it's because I get to use Photoshop, or maybe I just like to torture myself with having all of the things I want in one place— just to look at. 

1. Coat Dress Leopard
2. Velvet Spangle Collar Dress
3. Sleeveless Spangle Dress in Pink
4. Crop Sleeve Blouse in Leopard
5. Crop Sleeve Blouse Lace
6. Tulle Skirt
7. Polka Dot Crop Shirt
8. Textured Faux Fur Shoulder Bag in Leopard
9. Denim Dungarees Black Wash
I do not own these photos.
All photos courtesy of The White Pepper website.

As you can see, there are a lot of patterned things on my wish list. That's definitely something new for me, as I usually stick to solid colors (and mostly black and grey). 

Now, there are some things that wouldn't fit on my wish list, but deserve to be mentioned. Like, everything. But I'll narrow it down, just for you guys. 

Let's start off with the incredibly adorable Unicorn Clutch. It comes in three colors and is super unique. There's also the Gem Sparkle Leggings, how cute are they? Did I mention they have shoes? Well, they do. In need of some statement sparkle shoes? The White Pepper has you covered with these Lace-Up Sparkle Brogue in black or pink. I could probably go on for days about all of their products that I wish were in my closet, but I won't. At least not now.

You can find The White Pepper here:

What's on your winter wish list? Let me know in the comment section!

x Kyra

I'd just like to add that this was not a sponsored post. I just wanted to rant and rave about The White Pepper because I love their designs.

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  1. love all the leopard print picks!