Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Makeup Organization?

For the longest time I was looking for a good way to organize my makeup. I was sick of it being spread out all over my bathroom counter. So, I finally found a way to hold all of my makeup— and it doubles as a workspace for me! 

As you can probably tell, I love using office supplies to store my makeup. Office Max was basically heaven. The sea foam green containers are from a Martha Stewart Collection— available at Staples. I'm still working on getting my makeup storage perfect (and having all of my makeup present eventually). The glass I used to store my shorter makeup brushes (please excuse how dirty they are) is from Goodwill. I'm sure I'll be making more trips to Office Max, Ikea and Goodwill in the future. 

Although my desk/vanity is a bit small, it works pretty well for me right now and is the right size for the space I have. Even though this doubles as a desk, I still do most of my blogging from bed... Oops.

What are your favorite ways to organize your makeup? Let me know in the comments!

x Kyra


  1. I don't have anything to organize my make-up with! I would love to. Especially the way you have it! I feel like if you're make-up is organized, you'll use it better instead of throwing on whatever colour is closest to you, which is what I do because I'm too lazy so search through my make-up bag. When I get my own place, I'll set up a fun make up place like you have. But for now, yeah, all of it's crammed into a small make up bag. Not fun.

    P.S. I read this blog religiously, I LOVE IT.

    1. **Your **to lol proofreading.

    2. It definitely helps, but I'm still one to grab whatever color is closest to me haha.

      I'm glad you love it, Juss!!