Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Weekender: Wine Country

Please excuse the lateness of this post, I blame my migraine. And also the fact that this weekend wasn't the greatest for me. In theory it should've been wonderful. I had good food, went wine tasting and got some really great news (news that I can't share yet, but I'll be able to soon— I hope!)

On Thursday we had my very belated birthday dinner. It was one of the best parts of the weekend (Thursday counts, ok) because I had filet mignon and creme brulee. And also wine. 

On Saturday we ventured to Georgia wine country. Which meant we were in the car for a few hours on curvy roads. I get really carsick, so by the time we got there I wasn't feeling great. The first place we went to was adorable and we had some decent wines. We also tried mead, which apparently Robin Hood drank. The second winery was actually closed, but I took pictures of this cool truck that was out anyway. The third place was a bust, except for the animals wandering around. I made a friend (as you can see from the picture above).

My mom had the day off on Monday, so we went out for pizza and (Italian) beer. Peroni is actually one of my favorite beers because I had it so much in Italy. The pizza was delicious and potentially the highlight of my weekend. But after I got home (and I was supposed to post this on Monday) I had a really bad migraine and was in bed for the rest of the night. So that was fun. Oh, and my car got egged. All in all, it wasn't the greatest weekend, but not the worst either.

x Kyra

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  1. Hey, it certainly must have been an amazing experience, I suggest you try wines from Moravia, it is the country from which I come. They are really very good wine, maybe even know. If you do not really taste :)