Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break

As I've been getting back into the swing of work and my new classes (which I thought would be much easier...), I thought it'd be nice to reminisce about my spring break. I didn't get to go on some cool, stereotypically college spring break, but that's probably for the best. 

My roommate, Thuy Lan, and I went to the zoo one day and had tons of fun. There was an incident with the tortoises that probably led to some "birds and the bees" talks for some kids. The adults all laughed (as did Thuy and I). There were lots of selfies with animals, but I won't include all of those.

Later that week I hung out with my friend Regina. We didn't know what to do in Phoenix so we decided to just drive to Miami for the day— Miami, Arizona. Spontaneous road trips have become our thing I think. Going to Miami was kind of like being in an old mining town version of The Truman Show, in my opinion. 

I hope you all had lovely spring breaks! Let me know what you did for your break in the comments!

x Kyra


  1. I had no idea that there was a even a place called Miami, AZ. haha.

  2. I LOVE the retro picture and of course the cat lady! However, the "Best Selfie Ever" is outstanding!

  3. Miami Arizona?! I have never heard of such a place haha. &those tortoises are great. I love seeing them at the zoo.