Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Blogger Meet Up

I recently had the opportunity to do a blogger meet up with some fellow Arizona bloggers! I've always wanted to expand my network in this area, and I didn't really know of any bloggers out here except for one or two. So, I was thrilled when Mo of Ollivander Mo tweeted me about this meet up with Kayli of Kayli Wanders. It was so much fun and I am so glad I got to meet these two lovely ladies!

We met up for sushi and dessert in Scottsdale Quarter and it was so much fun! As bloggers, we of course documented every part of the night (and weren't judged for taking pictures of our food)!

We will hopefully be planning more Arizona blogger meet ups in the future, so if you're an AZ blogger, leave a comment below! I'm also going to try to do meet ups in Atlanta when I go home to see family, so let me know if you're a Georgia blogger as well! 

Be sure to follow Kayli and Mo's blogs!

x Kyra


  1. Yay, can't wait for next week!

  2. your so lucky to have found bloggers close to you!!! I don't think I've met anyone from my city, i need to go on a hunt lol...looks like you had a really nice time though!
    xx amber

  3. Ah, sooo much fun + so glad we were able to all meet up! Can't wait for Friday!

  4. Nice to meet you! Also an AZ blogger here. =)

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